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Essay Paper Analysis- Section B (CSE Mains 2015


  *Note – We have said earlier that Education essay in the section A is appealing ,however, there is a risk in it – the risk being can we write anything that may impress the examiner given that his/her profession itself is “education”. We will always have lesser understanding about a subject/job , unless we draw our livelihood from that subject or job.Hence the risk.But , nevertheless , if one writes holistically , one will get good marks. […]

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Duration: 3 hours Instructions: Answer the following questions in not more than 200 words each. Contents of the answers are more important than their length. All questions carry equal marks. Note: Each question carries 12.5 Marks (12.5×20 = 200 Marks )   The nature of economic growth in India in recent times is often described as a jobless growth. Do you agree with this view? Give arguments in favour of your answer. Livestock rearing has a big potential for providing non- farm employment and income in rural areas. Discuss suggesting suitable measures to promote this sector in India. [...]

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Regarding the ESSAY Review


Dear Aspirants, We are overwhelmed by the response we received on the essay writing yesterday. Currently we are reviewing them and each of you will get our review in your mailbox - we will publish on the website only when  you provide your consent to do so. We do understand why many preferred to write to the mailbox and not in the site ( many of you are unsure of the quality of your essay - but essays we received are of good quality, certainly they can be better and we will together do it better)  .We can assure you  that [...]

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