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Dear All , To summarize a huge report (143 page) in to a single article is a very challenging task. We know that everybody says they like ARC, but we know for a fact that not many of us do read it or if we read it we do so partially. The reason is the size of these reports which are huge and unlike others , each page of ARC seems important at the outset. We can summarize a 500 page book and it will take less time than summarizing ARC due its very nature. Nonetheless, demand for ARC summary [...]

ARC – LOCAL GOVERNANCE !!!2017-07-02T18:55:52+05:30

The UPSCTREE Nector !!!


Dear All, We know that our editorials have been very helpful in your preparation and have played an important part in helping you get a better perspective and at times secure a rank (Saumy-4, Ashutosh-370, Bambam-949). Hundred of mails and comments are testimony to it. Here are few must reads if you have not read them yet. Please note that this editorials are researched and written by us (so exclusive to UPSCTREE). We will publish few of this on certain dates going forward and urge you to go through them. Also if you are unclear of any topic, do write to [...]

The UPSCTREE Nector !!!2017-07-02T16:48:39+05:30

Reminder-All India Essay Open Test !!!


Dear All, We have received a huge volume of essay submission. And nothing else makes us more happy than to see the efforts put in by aspirants. We know the job ahead of us is huge (giving 2-3 page review for each submission ) but it will be worth our effort and we can assure you that once you get the reviews you will be glad that you submitted. Just a reminder-Today is the last day for essay submissions. Thank You UPSCTREE

Reminder-All India Essay Open Test !!!2017-07-02T16:23:57+05:30
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