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Daily Current Events – 28 May 2016


Talgo Train And Metrino Pod :-The Rail and Road in 21st century India:- One of the major focus areas of the railway minister so far has been to reduce travel time by increasing the speed of the trains. The bullet train is a long term project. In the short term, he is focusing on how speeds can be increased without having to spend a bomb on revamping current infrastructure. […]

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Daily Current Events – 27 May 2016


Water staircases in seas:- Internal waves, which move vertically through the ocean, can sometimes pass through “water staircases,” which are steplike variations of density of water, in such as manner as to churn up the underlying warm, salty water, thereby increasing the temperature of the top, cooler layers. This suggests a possible mechanism by which the upper layers of the Arctic Ocean warm up, causing the ice to melt. […]

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Daily MCQS – 21


Daily MCQS :- The MCQS are mostly informative in nature and checks your grasp on current events. Click here to take the test […]

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Polity Watch – A blow against free speech


A blow against free speech At the dawn of the 17th century, Englishmen were in the habit of challenging each other to violent duels in order to avenge personal insults. Public disorder was frequent and the authorities decided to step in. To obviate the need for duels, they began to prosecute defamation as a criminal offence. So was born the notorious “criminal libel”. Truth was no defence since a true defamatory statement was as likely to lead to a breach of peace as a false one. There was even a saying, “the greater the truth, the greater the libel.” Two [...]

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