[Polity] The Juvenile Justice Bill, 2021 (In-Depth)

2021-07-21T19:36:03+05:30By |Categories: Polity|

  Highlights of the Bill 1) The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 states that adoption of a child is final on the issuance of an adoption order by the civil court.  The Bill provides that instead of the court, the district magistrate (including additional district magistrate) [...]

[Polity] Ghost of Section 66A of IT Act

2021-07-16T14:52:31+05:30By |Categories: Polity|

Section 66A of the Information Technology Act, 2000, has long been dead. It was struck down as unconstitutional six years ago by the Supreme Court, which found that it “arbitrarily, excessively and disproportionately invades the right of free speech”. And yet, this draconian piece of dead law has had an [...]

[Polity] The upcoming crisis in Indian federalism

2021-07-16T14:34:48+05:30By |Categories: Polity|

Context ———————————————– The Indian Constitution may face an unprecedented crisis in 2026 when there will be a dramatic change in the composition of the Lok Sabha. Since 1976, seats in the Lok Sabha have reflected the 1971 census and have not taken into account changes in the population. [...]

Urban Local Governance in India (Case Study-Bengaluru)

2023-09-22T18:19:38+05:30By |Categories: Polity|

Urban governance is part of the state list under the Constitution. Thus, the administrative framework and regulation of ULBs varies across states. However, experts have highlighted that ULBs across India face similar challenges. For instance, ULBs across the country lack autonomy in city management and several city-level functions are managed [...]

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