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Daily Editorials – World Environment Day (05 June)


The Priority Species and Critical regions of India Asian Elephants Habitat and distribution In India, the Asian elephant was once widely distributed throughout the country, including in states like Punjab and Gujarat. Currently, they are found in four fragmented populations, in south, north, central and north-east India. Extreme habitat generalists, their habitat ranges from wet tropical evergreen forests to semi-arid thorn and scrub forests. However, highest densities of the elephant population are found in tropical deciduous forests. Elephants are ‘mega-herbivores’ that require vast tracts of forests, rich in food and water to survive. […]

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Daily Debates – What is important – Skills or Degrees ?


What is important – Skills or Degrees ? Here is an article that can give some perspective We will provide answers to all our debates- however reading good answers are not enough,participation has its own benefits.Keep writing. Provide your answer/perspective in the comments section. […]

Daily Debates – What is important – Skills or Degrees ?2016-06-07T02:32:33+05:30

Daily Current Events – 06 June 2016


VEcare : Army helpline for Veterans:- VEcare service can be availed from landline or mobile by simply dialing 1904. To a registered mobile user, it will provide automated voice guidance for medical emergency assistance including immediate dispatch of an ambulance, queries related to medical facilities and appointments at ECHS/ Command Hospital, CSD related value addition services and facilitate connectivity to Army telephone numbers. The helpline facility is being seen as a major initiative towards veterans’ welfare. […]

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