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MCQS for the the Month of January 2016


Dear Friends, Hope you have downloaded the January 2016 magazine. Kindly go through it and take the test. The questions are formed from the magazine only. The MCQs are live now for  whole month of January 2016 .Take the test and check the answers. […]

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06 and 08 FEB 2016


How can we close the tech skills gap for older workers?-Case study of India and Poland Background :- We need to make sure that older workers and those already in the work force have the skills to take advantage of technological change. The ongoing debate on how advancing technology impact the demand for labor sets up a dichotomy. The future will be a utopia or a dystopia; as work reduces, society will face either unprecedented abundance or deepening inequality. But these transitions will not occur suddenly, nor will they be binary. And they will happen in very different ways depending [...]

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