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Economy-Needed: A New Generation Of Policy Economists !!!


India needs a third generation of policy economists to provide the political leadership with a broad future agenda on the economy In an interview he gave to The Indian Express in July 2016 to mark 25 years of economic reforms, Manmohan Singh spoke about the importance of the policy economists who had worked on the reforms agenda in the years preceding the actual event. His statement needs fresh attention at a time when Arvind Panagariya has resigned from NITI Aayog. Two other lateral entries into government in the past few years also moved on after short stints – Kaushik Basu and Raghuram [...]

Economy-Needed: A New Generation Of Policy Economists !!!2017-08-09T14:50:57+05:30

Polity-Securing the Food Security !!!


The National Food Security Act, 2013, has met with prolonged political indifference, but there is some hope now since the Centre has been asked by the Supreme Court to ensure that States implement key aspects of the progressive law. […]

Polity-Securing the Food Security !!!2017-08-09T14:16:46+05:30