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Polity-Land Mark Judgements-Part 2 !!!


Content:- Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India (1978)-Beginning of a golden era of human rights jurisprudence in India. Article 21 and the Due Process of Law. Gopalan Vs State of Madras ; Satwant Singh and his Passport. Maneka Gandhi's Passport, Surya and a Scandal. Breathing Life into Article 21 Small Case, Large Judgement. Satwant Singh vis-a-vis Maneka Gandhi and the Due Process of Law. The importance of going Abroad. The Lasting Impact of Maneka Gandhi - The Inflextion Point Click Here to Read Thank You UPSCTRE

Polity-Land Mark Judgements-Part 2 !!!2017-07-24T08:03:03+05:30

Project Limelight-Max Weber -Part 3 !!!


Why bureaucracy is incapable of emotion and providing care, in short bureaucracy is incapable of empathy..but Why? (Weber has the ANSWER) Gandhi is a  Führer and so is Mandela.  Really ? Weber informs us that- Nine out of ten politicians are nothing but vain windbags...but Why ? In this part, Weber helps us understand the Bureaucracy, Politics, their nature, Gewalt, Coercion and Intoxication. CLICK HERE to read and find out Thank You UPSCTREE

Project Limelight-Max Weber -Part 3 !!!2017-07-24T05:39:42+05:30