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Discount For Former Students for Mains Test Series !!!


Dear All, For all past students there is a discount of 20% for Mains test series. If you have at any point of time been one of our students, kindly send a mail to upsctree@upsctree.com and we will send you the discount coupon code for Mains program. The Mains Program starts in 4 days. Thank You UPSCTREE

Discount For Former Students for Mains Test Series !!!2017-07-11T21:23:29+05:30

Polity-Landmark Judgements-Part 1 !!!


Note-Given that polity has again taken center stage of the exam (Prelims 2017) and to help the students with respect to tackle off-beat questions like Coelho case etc, we have diversified and creating materials which will help take your polity score to the next level. Here is what is being worked out, this material will be exclusive to MAINS students although few articles will be open for everyone. We are investing a great deal of our time and effort to make this year's Mains an extraordinary event. This is part 1 of 10 part series:- Click Here   Thank You UPSCTREE [...]

Polity-Landmark Judgements-Part 1 !!!2017-07-11T16:15:54+05:30

Economy-Air India’s forgotten founding father !!!


Background- There is a saying in the business circles that:- If you want to become a millionaire, then start with a billion and invest in airline. And another one related to Air India is :- If Jaitley wants to sell Air India, he may have to give money to someone to buy it. Nevertheless as AIR INDIA is on its sleeping pills, lets look at some interesting facts about it. […]

Economy-Air India’s forgotten founding father !!!2017-07-11T13:55:54+05:30