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Disengagement of Global Firms, Employment and the FDI

OUR THOUGHTS:- For long and particularly since 1991 reforms, FDIs were held as “gold” in the new emerging economics. However, FDIs do come with their fair share of opportunities and…
The deepening crisis of India’s Parliament

During the framing of India’s Constitution, multiple models of governance were proposed for the newly independent nation. The framers of the Constitution finally selected the model of “parliamentary democracy”. As…
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Prelims Question paper 2021
[WAR 2022- ‘WRITE-A-RANK’] ACE The MAINs with “WAR” Strategy (Batch-2, Begins from 17 Oct 2021)

Dear All, There has never been such a program before which is so well-thought-out, taking the aspirants’ strengths and weaknesses into account, and integrating them into the MAINS WRITING program.…