I was solely looking for an essay test series, so that I could give atleast a couple of essays before prelims and my search led me to you. After going through the content mentioned on your site and the flexibility offered with respect to Essay test series, I went ahead keeping trust in you and I am very happy with my decision.
Firstly, you stick to the time lines and give the feedback within the stipulated time, which is not the case with many other test series. Secondly, what I love is the 3-4 page feedback which we get, attached with the corrected answer scripts, you discuss many issues right from the framework of the essay, usage of words and more importantly how to present diversity with simple application of knowledge
Finally, how can I forget to say, you provided relief to the working professionals and the aspirants who cannot go to coaching centres
Another thing which I am again requesting you, please come up with Mains Test Series, undoubtedly, your understanding of this process and quality offered by you is just amazing and it would benefit many like me.
Thank you guys,

Thank you UPSCTREE, I did join your Essay test series and the personalized feedback which I had received today is very comprehensive and pointed out the areas of improvement for me. Thank you for such a wonderful initiative.

Curious to know, whether you are going run any Mains Test Series for 2016 post prelims, and if so, is there any possibility for class room program?


Thanks tree….it was quite helpful to undergo mocks..especia mention to your mock5 last in the series I attempted it in morning hours on D-day before proceeding to exam centre.I thought it came like net practice before going to bat .My mind was fully logical, opened and serially argumentative .It saved me in many ONLY 3 VS 1 AND 3

Dear Team, thanks for all your support in prelims part, your mocks were the hits on right time though we had to wait for some time.but as I feel my tentative SCORE in pre revolves in the range of 130-135, Now focus shifts to  mains preparation.In this journey too, I recommend your support and expect your help.Do let me know all your plans aimed to this yeur mains exam.What good weapons you people have got in your arsenal.Request urgent reply to chalk out my future strategy.
On the side note , few words of appreciation on your editorials.They are exhaustive , qualitative and to the demand .Last year during mains exams and Interview , they  proved to me of immense help.
As a senior player of this game , I propose some topics to you if you can come up with editorials in your conceived style, will be a boon to all of us.
Following is list of topics I strongly feel , they might be asked in mains papers directly or indirectly-
1.Governor vs CM-?
2.Judicial activism and overreach or executive inaction?Reinstating  governments-a new initiative.
3.Punjab-udta or dubta ?From high prosperity to burden of drugs-how , why?where the bug stops?
4.UCC-Can we have it in India in present situation?deciphering UCC in right way is a challenging job-who will take on responsibility?
5.Dalit issue-is it uprising or fall out of positive discrimination?
6.PCPNDT ACT Vs MTP act—two aspects of same coins?Do MTP act be decoded in courts ?
7.Cow the MATA—-symbol of religious faith or a political doctrine ?
8.Olympics-podium still untouched.Why ? can we be able to touch it?

These are some topics I request for your lengthy analysis and pondering inference.The crispy language comes easy to cut,copy and paste .

 Sumit Mitra


Hi Tree,

The moment I saw your site, it behold me .There is no comparison , you guys specifically excel at the site outlook , design , aesthetics and most importantly NO ADS – no one wants to see underwear ads while reading , they are just annoying.

Seems you have done enough research on aesthetics and font design so that readers get a a very pleasant reading experience.

most importantly I was very impressed the answers you gave for the debates , i  am looking forward to be part of your mains program as well.


I joined your prelims series and the questions were very well framed and at par with UPSC.If i remember correctly there were nearly 10 question from your last mock test before the exam itself which was asked in the exam.

The set on environment and culture were too good.As you mentioned to treat them as notes , so i did and it was beneficial.

Also I saw the prelims keys  and your logical way of approaching question is what i want to learn.

Thank you UTree, Looking forward for MAINS program.



Hi guys,

I am from Chennai, and was looking for something that can really benefit me, the day My friend referred me, since that day I became fan your site’s content.They ARE JUST FABULOUS. WHAT YOU GIVE FOR FREE, PEOPLE WONT EVEN GIVE THE SAME AFTER CHARGING LAKHS.

Also , your prelims program helped me a lot.Thank you.Sincerely.



Thank You UPSCTREE for such a noble effort and the personal guidance which i got from you was really helpful.Forever in debt .Your essay review are second to none.Very comprehensive and insightful.No one write 4 page of review like you do.

Thank you Sir.

 Anwesh Chopra

Yours “to-the-point” and objective analysis of each an every issue is really commendable, especially the current affairs and essays section. Totally banking on you all for the current affairs sections for 2016 as compared to available myriad other websites for UPSC preparations.

Kindly do not cease these initiatives. Thank you once again for your efforts.

Anwesha Chopra







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