Editorial – Economy Watch – Post-DeMo & GST, Minimum Basic Income Can be the Next Big Disruption !!!

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Background – The government is coming up with a report which is likely to endorse giving all Indian citizens a guaranteed Universal Basic Income (UBI). The said report will be released this month. Business Insider talked to Prof Guy Standing, one of the leading advocates of UBI, and he says the report by the [...]

Editorials -Economy Watch – Can India Grow ?-Unleashing the million dreams in to billion dollars through decentalization !!!

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In this excerpt from ‘Can India Grow?’, authors V. Anantha Nageswaran and Gulzar Natarajan drive home the point that decentralisation is imperative to both the execution and formulation of public policy in India Let a million ideas and models proliferate India’s continental size, large population, and vast diversity, coupled with [...]

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