Agriculture Watch – Bio-fertilizers in Indian Agriculture !!!

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Biofertiliser is a preparation of agriculturally useful microorganisms like nitrogen fixers, phosphorus solubilisers etc; and is one of the components of integrated nutrient management. The commercial production of biofertiliser was introduced in 1956 in India. With a production of 38000 t and with more than 150 commercial units engaged in [...]

Agriculture Watch – Diversifying India’s Food Basket: NBA outlines the critical role of biodiversity

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Our food basket is increasingly being confined to a few select crops and cereals. Yet, our nation is endowed with a huge variety – a rich biodiversity, which provides of a complex stock of animals, plant and micro-organisms at genetic, species and eco-system levels. India needs to look beyond performance [...]

Editorial – Agriculture watch -Organic Agriculture Prospects and Potential – Most Comprehensive Editorial on Organic farming !!!

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Ardent promoters of organic farming consider that present day organic agriculture, which is a mix of traditional wisdom and modern science, can herald the complete development of rural areas, especially in developing countries like India where the large chunk of farmers are small, with minimal resources and limited access to [...]

India : The geography of history – Part 2

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Uneven Development  -  Historical perspective and evidence Agriculture Development Chronology:- Mehrgarh in the Kachhi plain (now in Pakistan) experienced early agricultural activities before 6,000 B.C Indus region experienced it in the 4000-3000 B.C Gangetic valley saw the advent of agriculture at Koldihwa (U.P) in 5000 B.C., at Chirand (Bihar) in [...]

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