All of us know that Sunday is a holiday, but do we ever asked why Sunday is a holiday ? At UPSCTREE , we were pondering over what to post for this Sunday  that can help our readers and civil service aspirants , we have gone through all the newspapers, editorials of the past one months, but nothing fits to the charm of Sunday leisure.Yes , Leisure, We know that a civil service aspirant is barely speaks of leisure, but those who enjoy their journey , makes the destination worthwhile and leisure is a big part of it. Relaxation has its effects.

We are also aware that we are publishing this on a Monday for foregone Sunday, but We think our readers will spare us for extending the Sunday leisure to Monday morning. Supposedly If the “Days” have to contest in an election , Sunday would  win over all other days across world, hands down.If Sunday could have been a Leader , Sunday could have won over Barack Obama Or Narendra Modi , but it is not.

Now the next question comes to mind is Is Sunday a HE or She or It ? Does Sunday have gender ? India has Gender , India is a She (BharatMata) .River is a she and many more things that have sustaining and carrying capacity are called she. But Sunday is probably not a She , as it does not have anything to do with carrying capacity .

Can Sunday be ‘he’ ? Of course not, Sunday is not an aggressive day , it a laid back day. Its day of “Sages” – No worry of the world, No work pressure, No rendezvous , No Nothing- Its just Plain simple Sunday- calm, refreshing, reviving and smoothing.

Sunday can’t be he or she , it can be bit of both. In a Sunday , for a couple, the husband (caring one) works in the kitchen, makes some barbecue in the garden, not only to just eat good food , but to show that he cares for her and appreciates for her being.While She takes up the bags, goes for shopping , picks fruits, gets in foul smelling streets ,just to get the chicken that her husband loves, though she herself can’t stand the idea of having a dead meat on her dinner plate.Everything She does to make him happy and and the same is reciprocated by He.And all this to occur , we need a Sunday. Sunday is not all about the happy moments of the day, usually the day brings some nostalgia with it.It makes one remember the childhood days, what he/she loved to do most .

In a sense Sunday is little melodramatic for a rationalist and little melancholic for the one who values their emotions.So what is the fuss about Sunday- why it became the craving of the whole human race and how it came to be the most loved day in anyone’s life ?

To make Sunday , Sunday , Europeans have their role. They colonized every part of the world and made Sunday a holiday , obviously for religious reasons.But Sunday came to mean much more that just a day to go to Church or do shopping for the whole week.

It is a day for yourself – so that you can be with you. With that in mind we leave our readers to be what they want to be . Tomorrow is just another day,  it is not going to be Sunday , So romance your Sunday  ,as  you may and enjoy while it lasts, little extension of Sunday till Monday afternoon is allowed . Sunday is not the 24 hrs of it , it starts with the Saturday evening and ends with Monday Afternoon, and with that we let you live the rest of it .


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