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Check the Strategy and ask questions in comment section in case of any doubts


  1. Strategy Document – Part I
  2. Strategy Document – Part II





  • jai

    Hello sir, i am a working professional, not able to get more time to study.just able to study 4 hours and this is the reason not able to cover much. not able to read news paper daily but it is because of your efforts able to cover the current affairs daily. Need ur guidance regarding how to form a time table so that i can cover more and what to read and what to skip. which of the initiative of ur site i should follow seriously and which one r those i can skip. pls help me i so confused with my preparation.

    • Jai, the complete schedule will be published on 15 Jan. That will take care of your time management issues(we are working on it keeping working professional at the center of the focus ). It will have what to read , when to read and from where read .Apart from that we will be launching complete initiative with registration details after our Prelims demo test II ( to be conducted on 17 Jan). Hope this clarifies.