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Update: Regarding Essay Test Series !!!

Dear Students, Please note the following with regards to Essay Test Series :- Till now, 5 tests are conducted and strategy of few essay are live and few are being worked out. Post-Prelims, we will

Policy-NITI AAYOG and Nutrition !!!

The NITI Aayog published nutrition charts on 17 January this year. As India recognises nutrition as a national issue and gears up for the National Nutrition Mission (NNM), publishing such data helps a wide variety of persons

Society-Forest Dwellers and their rights !!!

In February 2002, the Supreme Court of India passed an order prohibiting state governments and also tribals and other traditional forest dwellers from removing dead, dying trees and grasses and trees felled by winds.

Environment- India’s Solar Dilemma !!!

Parties to the historic Paris Accord on climate change signed in 2015 meet in Bonn next week, and their discussions will inevitably veer toward the Donald Trump-led US administration’s decision to exit the Accord.