Wishing you all the very best for today’s exam!!!

Dont forget your admit card , identify card/aadhar, pen ( 2sets min) and watch along with any other things you may need.

Strategy is simple –

1) First read the paper and find out how many you are getting 100% right at first go. If it’s less than 40 attend around 70+ questions. If you are getting 40 above questions 100% right on first go… Attend 80+ questions.

2) To be very blunt, if paper is tough then focus on accuracy. If paper is easy to moderate(most probable case ) attend 80+ questions.

3) No blind guesses. Some analysis or thinking must be there to attend.

No matter what, don’t panic. If it is tough for you then it is tough for all.

Each question carries only 2 marks…so dont pay unnecessary attention to one question.

No question should bother you much. In sum DONT GET STUCK.

Read – Analyse – Nothing comes to mind – move on to the next.


Again – Best of luck to all of you who are attending the exam.