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Important Quotes for Mains – 1


All the quotes are by:-Reinhold Niebuhr-He was an American theologian, ethicist, commentator on politics and public affairs. From JFK to Obama all were influenced by him to certain extent. […]

Important Quotes for Mains – 12017-09-23T21:41:40+05:30

Geopolitics-What’s The Truth About The Rohingya Crisis?


Why on earth has the Myanmar army led by Nobel peace prize hero, Aung San Suu Kyi, suddenly begun picking on this innocent folk called the Rohingya, who have just been going about their business all these decades? […]

Geopolitics-What’s The Truth About The Rohingya Crisis?2017-09-23T21:14:39+05:30

Geopolitics-BRICS & Xiamen Declaration !!!


Background- The Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa grouping (BRICS) has since long ceased to be of material significance as multilateral institutions go. The recent BRICS Summit in Xiamen (China) only seemed to confirm this. It suggests that BRICS may be going the way of quite a few other organisations. […]

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Geography-The Major Thinkers of Geographical Determinism !!!


There have been various schools of thought in the history of geographical thought, and geographical determinism is one such school of thought that deals with the interaction between man and nature. Geographical determinism began with the major initial source of geographical explanation that based its theoretical positions on the notion that human activity was dependent on the physical environment in which it was set. […]

Geography-The Major Thinkers of Geographical Determinism !!!2017-09-18T10:41:52+05:30

Geopolitics – India, Japan and a Bullet Train !!!


The Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project is likely to significantly impact several areas, from attracting more foreign investment to possibly ushering a transformation of Indian Railways. Here is how. […]

Geopolitics – India, Japan and a Bullet Train !!!2017-09-17T23:51:43+05:30

UTM12 – Ethics Mock Test Gone Live !!!


Dear All, The mock test for ethics has gone live. The questions requires deeper understanding of ethics to answer them. There is no case studies in this test (Case studies were given in UTM07 and UTM08 test), instead we tried to delve deeper with regards to theoretical aspect of this paper. The question ranges from Budhha, Gandhi, Adler, Weber and Kant to India's freedom struggle and what not. We can say that, we are truely happy about this questions set and it is indeed "next-level". Given that UPSC has shifted its gear, we took sometime to frame the questions which can [...]

UTM12 – Ethics Mock Test Gone Live !!!2017-09-17T14:55:38+05:30

Ethics in Public Service – Part 4 !!!


We should never be afraid of the truth, regardless of where it leads us. Thomas Jefferson Leadership and Ethics Destruction from within not without Deciding how to lead Establishing Trust through Leadership Ethical Behavior as an Organizational Theme Why Morale Is Important in Organizational Ethics Conclusion Click Here to Read Thank You UPSCTREE

Ethics in Public Service – Part 4 !!!2017-09-05T19:51:07+05:30