Civil Services Examination Prelims Result is out !!!


Civil Services Examination Prelims Result is out !!!

Please check the PDF attached here. However also check from the website as well.



Do let us know your status.


Thank you


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  • Lucky

    yes , I am IN…..
    Thanks team upsctree,for all your valuable suggestions and highly enriched prelims mock tests .The journey has been smooth so far,and wish to embrace the final destiny with your extended support in form of mains test series.Soon I will be attempting to.
    Once again thank you so much and best wishes….

    • Congratulations Lucky, we know you will be in. We are glad that our test series helped the cause.Do write the mains series answers and send us for review.

    • saran

      congrats. How much mark you had ?

      • Lucky

        thanks, ranging from 124-128 from various keys.

        • saran

          Hi,,, hows your mains result ??????Hope you cleared….

  • asutosh

    Dear Sir ,

    thank you for all your support in the prelims.I also got through this prelims and your prelims tests helped me a lot.

    Also i am part of essay series and your guidance has been awesome.Thank you again sir.

    I intend to give the mains tests soon.