UTM01 – Mains Test Series Answer Writing Practice !!!

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Dear Aspirants, Recently our first test of the MAINS test series has gone live.Details can be found here - Click Here Although we will be giving exclusive personalized feedback to registered user, other can also participate in the writing practice. In this regard and to help you all, we have opened the writing practice here- Click Here You can write the test in paper and upload in comment section or write it digitally in the comment section. In case you are interested to give the exam in real time and have your personalized feedback , you can avail this particular test [...]

UTM01 – Mains Test Series – LIVE NOW !!!

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The first test of our Mains Test Series is Live now !!! The Questions-Cum-Answer booklet  can be found here:- Click here Details of the test:- The questions are OPEN FOR ALL. Even if you are not part of our Mains Series, kindly practice writing the answer to the questions as it can be helpful in real exam. Registered users will get Complete review of their test after submission. One can avail individual tests in order to get Personalized Feedback. This particular test can be availed here- Click Here Once you avail a particular test, after submission of your answer paper you [...]

Essay Review !!!

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Dear Students, We have got a huge volume of ESSAY to review post prelims and  have given the review for most , except few. Those who are yet to get review of their essay will get it by tomorrow. Thank You UPSCTREE Team

MAINS Test Series 2016

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Dear Students , The first test for our Mains test series will be live tomorrow. Those who have joined us would have got their credentials by now.If you were already part of upsctree then the same login credentials will work for you. Here are the details of the MAINS TEST SERIES PLAN for your perusal:- Click Here Thank You UPSCTREE Team  

IMPORTANT UPDATE – MAINS TEST SERIES 2016 – Individual Test Registration Links Open Now !!!

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Dear Aspirants, We have got many questions with respect to our mains test schedule.Here are our Answers that will clear the air regarding the series. The Tests will be conducted on the scheduled day. However you may take the test anytime and send us for review.Flexibility is with you, so no need to worry on that front. Many have requested to register for Individual Tests while many have requested for certain paper as a complete package.Hence we have opened both channels for registration.The details can be found here- Click Here The Questions will be at par with UPSC, rest assured on [...]

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