Daily Debates – What is important – Skills or Degrees ?

What is important – Skills or Degrees ?

Here is an article that can give some perspective

We will provide answers to all our debates- however reading good answers are not enough,participation has its own benefits.Keep writing.

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  • Sampat Dash

    Skills Is Much Important For a Economy Like India. Where Employment is best desired from the Empowering the Skills . With a Huge Number OF Work Force Skills Provide the Employment opportunity. And Skills facilitates MSME and Manufacturing Industry. With a Huge number of job seekers Skills requires more attention where Degree Contributes in the Tertiary and Quaternary sectors.

  • Apercu

    The fact that India ranks poorly when it comes to number of patents per capita despite having comparatively high number of engineers, doctors and other professionals, points out that skills do matter more than degrees.
    But in this age of information, to make policies, to match the kind of jobs with given talent etc. we need to know what skills are possessed by the population. Hence, certification cannot be avoided.
    The need is to ensure that an engineering degree should mean competency at job. A minimum basic level of learning should have been achieved by the student, whether she’s a graduate from IIT or other regional college.
    Coming back to the question at hand, skills are more important than degrees. There are certain skills for which there are no degrees, for example traditional knowledge of tribes. They do earn livelihood out of it but it is merely subsistence. If marketed properly, it can add immensely to the nation’s wealth.

    • Good one

      • Apercu

        Thanks. Waiting for your answer!