Daily Debates – Why racism is prevalent in India and how to check it ?

Why racism is prevalent in India and how to check it ?


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By | 2016-06-06T09:15:23+00:00 June 6th, 2016|Daily Current Events|3 Comments
  • Renju

    Racism is so prevalent among Indians as is evident from the recent violence on African nationals. Though the exact reasons cannot be found, the inherent complexes among Indians could be a reason. The subjugation of Indians under white Europeans could have led to considering white as superior beings. The underdeveloped status of African countries could have created an aversion towards black.Racism among Indians could also be attributed to the prevailing caste distinctions, where color of the skin also plays an important role. The lowest castes are often dark skinned people in most parts of northern India. Instances provoking racist feelings should be curbed from society, eg, the usual ads on fairness creams which brings in a thought among people that only fair is beautiful.
    Racism is so inherent among Indians that only education resulting in reasonable behavioural change can make any kind of reduction in racist attitudes. Children, especially young women should be taught that beauty doesn’t lie in the color of skin. They must be taught to respect different cultures and people. The models on the ramp need to be from different races so that beauty in every form in appreciated. Stricter punishments should be given to those involved in racist violence and comments. Just like untouchability was abolished, racism should be abolished with stricter laws.

  • sowmya

    Recent incidence of beaten to death of Congolese national by Delhi locals followed by death of Arunachal Pradesh student death in Delhi in 2014 raises the issue of racism which is prevalent in the minds of people

    Reasons for such:

    • Obsession towards white skin and disbelief towards other sections
    • Poor knowledge regarding diversified life and their cultures and our responsibility towards respecting them
    • Attachment towards region and feeling of locals and outsiders
    • Age old prejudices in terms of caste ,women influence such practice and enhances it
    • Perpetration of violence by anti-social elements

    Measures to keep under control:

    • Developing awareness drives and let people know the importance of globalized world cultures
    • Equipping academia books with rich knowledge regarding diverse lives will reduce feeling of strangers
    • Strict penal provisions and monitoring measures in select stations like colleges etc.ensures their safety
    • Promotion of decentralization and taking of such steps by state govt will curtail such emotional association towards community and ensures inclusive growth

    India is land of Gandhi and Buddha. World countries look up to India for its diversified cultures and its spirit of unity in diversity. It is the duty of fellow citizens to ensure their duty of promoting fraternity and govt to provide basic security for people who flood to country for their education and other services which should be guaranteed and should retain its inclusive nature, serves as example for countries to follow.

    • sowmya

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