Daily Debates – Why the child marriage is still prevalent in India and how to check it ?


Why the child marriage is still prevalent in India and how to check it ?


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  • Apercu

    Reasons why child marriage is still prevalent:
    1. Traditional and orthodox mindsets that are so ingrained that families find it difficult to break loose from these
    2. Notion that female child is a liability and ‘praya dhan’, so it is better to marry her as soon as possible to get rid of the ‘liability’
    3. Recently, with increased reporting of crimes such as rape, families may think that it is better to marry their daughters early because her *honor* and *safety* will be ensured that way
    4. Increased instance of inter-caste, inter-religion etc. affairs among the youth leads families to marry their child before they even develop such feelings for anyone
    5. Lack of education is a major reason, which actually plays in the background of above given reasons

    Following measures can be taken to check child marriage:
    1. Rationality should be made to prevail over tradition. This can be done by conducting campaigns to spread awareness about the importance of right age for marriage.
    2. Education levels need to increased, along with provisions for adult education. This way only can be break away the virtual social constructs and notions of caste, religion etc.
    3. Strict implementation of existing laws and timely delivery of justice is a must-have. Law in itself is not empowering but only its proper and timely implementation is
    4. Public-shaming can be a way, but that can play out to be an extreme measures and hence should be exercised with caution
    5. Idea of *consent for marriage* should be encouraged
    6. Media can play a very big role in this using movies, nukkad nataks, debates etc.

    Child marriage is a social evil since it not only takes away one’s childhood but also lead to other problems such as poor adult health, high mortality rate, exploitation of women at in-laws, low levels of formal education, no alternate career for females etc.

    /* looking forward to the *wise answer* by the UPSCTREE Team

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      • Apercu

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  • sowmya

    Child marriages where girls were married below the age of 18 was still prevalent in India witnessed by recent 2011 census report details 30% of women were under age marriages. It extends same across religions

    Reasons for such prevalence:

    • Considered as safe option for rural families reeling in poverty to reduce the burden on their families
    • Illiteracy of parents results in ignorance which affects children lives
    • Age old belief that parents themselves married at such age so is their children
    • Improving education standard for bride might turn the future marriage a costly affair which can’t be tolerated
    • Bias towards male child as such child marriage makes them more focused towards his wellbeing

    Measures to kept under control:

    • NGO and local community members should conduct more awareness camps against child marriages and their consequences in rural areas
    • Girls in such families should also be given training in vocational courses so that they could be economically empowered, – which could acts as deterrent against such practice
    • Promoting girl related schemes and community contributions along with govt assistance for marriages will reduce such burden on poor families
    • Developing new economic options in the names of benefits linking with educating girl child will ensure parents to take up their child cause
    • Strict penal provisions and their implementation might alter such atmosphere like in recent Chennai case

    Importance of girl child for generations to survive should be raised as a campaign and similar schemes like beti bachao baeti padhao in critical districts will ensure its eradication and long term sustainable solutions help in contain such practice

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