Daily Debates – Rice ,Wheat and Dal – Is this enough for food security?

Rice ,Wheat and Dal  – Is this enough for food security?

Background:-The PDS system only gives rice, wheat and dal – this may fill ones belly but is it the right way to approach food security .What about nutritional security then ?In this context analyse  food security measures in India on one hand and probe the causes of malnutrition on the other and then suggest a way forward so that we can have both food security and nutritional security.

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  • Parth B Pandya

    Hunger has no religion. but in India situation is different. religion is rooted in food discipline of Indians too. as per international standard man, woman and children required minimum calories in daily diet for their basic growth. due to religious perspective and availability we recommend Rice ,Wheat and Dal to fulfill this daily requirement of nutrition which is insufficient to meet their daily need because of low nutritional value. people choose to be more religion then to be healthy.
    how this effects ?
    India is having more of young population then any other country.our traditional approach to deal with daily nutrition left our countryman malnourished and unhealthy. this ultimately make population liability for government and increase responsibility of government. we can not utilize under nourished population in growth of country.
    what we can do?
    * provide supplement with Rice ,Wheat and Dal which may help individuals to meet their daily nutritional needs or subsidies nutritional supplements. . this is costly way to deal with this situation.
    * separate religion from food discipline. promote health over religion.
    * crate awareness for health
    * design special products to overcome specific deficiencies.
    * encourage community centers to promote healthy food ex eggs, meat {because both are cheap and sufficient option}
    * govt should encourage processing and attractive packaging method to promote healthy food.
    the best way to deal with this is to separate religion over health and to change bias mind set of people. this is really challenging task for govt or NGOs but this is the only easy way to change scenario of malnourished India. self awareness and self motivation to achieve HEALTH is the cheapest way to counter this situation.

  • I missed few debates because of ongoing exam. So I decided to complete them by writing as a flowchart.. Please UPSCTREE examine my flow chart and give insights about it. I want to strengthen my flow chart making skill. Since it is possible that i will run out of time in actual exam then i will try flow charts instead of leaving blank spaces..

    • Good one Vivek, especially the 3A – thats the core and you have written it.Also mention how we can add value to the food article given through PDS itself through genetic engineering etc.eg- golden rice