Daily Debates – Should our education system only focus towards the needs of the employment sector ?

 Should our education system only focus towards the needs of the employment sector ?

Background:-Recently there has been a lot of arguments that the large part of Indian youth after education are barely fit to carry out  the jobs without a year long training, as they lack the necessary education and  skill set that make them employment ready.Should education system only focus on employment only or should it diversify and cater to not only needs of employment but also enhance the platform where education is for education sake such as research etc.Analyze and suggest a way forward.

Provide your answer/perspective in the comments section.

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  • Parth B Pandya

    First,Now a days importance of Education is based on Employability of it. student learn to get handsome paying job. the more you are earning is consider as matter of social status. this is popular trend. by following this trend we restrict our self to limited educational resources.
    Second, at the same times people from different background try to involve themselves in different education courses like engineering students doing business administration, medical student pursuing hospitality business etc. .
    in first situation student have less change of innovation because of restricted knowledge of field. in second situation there is chance of innovation because of having experience of learning two different kind of courses.
    in India education is widely accepted as Employability not as skill. we need more skilled and specialized knowledge to take country forward.for that we need to encourage education as empowerment of an individuals. change in mind set will defiantly change the acceptability of it.
    suggestions to make education better:
    > increase digital literacy in early school days.
    > psychometric analysis and counseling of individual for scientific analysis of interest and skills.
    > motivated them to achieve specialized skill in any of their choice. specialization increase chance of R&D.
    > stipend for those who choose to pursue for specialized skill.