Daily Debates – India and USA bonhomie – boon or bane ?

Daily Debates – India and USA bonhomie – boon or bane ?


Background:-Recently there has been a shift in India’s foreign policy and it has moved much closer to USA that it ever did since independence.In this prospect , analyze what it holds for the future of two countries and what are its possible positive or negative spillovers.

Provide your answer/perspective in the comments section.


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  • Renju

    Bonhomie with USA is a positive shift in our foreign policy relations. It is the first time in history that India is so close to USA, who otherwise have always sided with Pakistan. India has been given the importance given to a NATO ally of US in the defence relations. There are many reasons why the bonhomie could be for good.
    1. India needs US assistance in defence procurements, which was mostly in favour of Pakistan in the past.
    2. The military exercises between US and Indian defence services could benefit India in anti terror operations and intelligence.
    3. China which is getting closer to Pakistan by their $46 billion credit support, poses a challenge to India, which could be effectively contained by a stronger India US relationship.
    4. Also in trade, environment and nuclear policy related aspects too US’s help will be of utmost importance to India.

    At the same time, there are some issues too..
    1. India may be forced to accept the stance of US in issues related to our Afghanistan policy and other foreign policies, affecting our sovereignty.
    2. There is a chance that other countries may perceive our friendliness with US as affecting our relations with them, eg,China.
    3. India’s friendship with US maybe regarded as a serious detachment from Non alignment, losing our legitimacy. There are also possibilities of India to be blamed for any kind of atrocities perpetrated by US.
    Nevertheless, this friendship could turn into an opportunity if India adopts a win win approach in all its dealings with US.

  • Parth B Pandya

    USA and Soviet was two power blocks during the period of cold war. India gives world policy of NAM and it play role of game changer for many countries at that time. by the time foreign policy take shape as per countries individual interest. Recently India is engaging with Usa very intensely. in 2009 with mutual agreement U.S.–India Civil Nuclear Agreement take place, which was game changer in nature. under this agreement India agreed to separate its civil and military nuclear facilities and to place all its civil nuclear facilities under International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards and, in exchange, the United States agreed to work toward full civil nuclear cooperation with India.*
    India has several interest in different international organisations.
    for Example
    > membership in NSG {Nuclear Suppliers Group} – as USA did help us in 2009, we expect more support from them. by getting support from USA it will easy for other NSG countries to recognize India. there are many civil nuclear manufacturer based from USA which may help us to build nuclear reactor for domestic use.
    > UNSC permanent seat- it is dream of India and many other countries to get permanent seat in UNSC. India expect that USA will support and we are trying to create an environment where we get easy recognition for this.
    > IPR- this is the one of the most important issue which damaged our pharmaceutical industry a lot. India is popularly known as world pharmacy.
    > S&T, education, defance sector procurement, this are the need of our country but we are not highly dependent on USA for this. there are many countries which provide better option for us.

  • sowmya

    India which usually aligns towards neighbourhood first policy and a path of non aligned approach during cold war to restrain from joining any cold war block and to gain from both countries as well acts as intermediary in preventing the war to broke out has slowly turned its policy towards USA which was witnessed by :

    1.In defence,Recent LEMOU agreement signed between us- india allows dir sharing each other military facilities and drafting nuclear civil cooperation agreement in 2008
    2.Enhancing trade and service prospects with more migrants shifting to us for better education
    3.Cooperating on intellectual property issues on bilateral basis
    4.active support for india membership into NSG by usa

    These relations has had its impacts
    On positive note :
    1.Enhance bilateral trade relations and address any issues there up to
    2.People – people contact increased and can enhance influence world affairs
    3.Counter Chinese presence in Asia pacific region with better defence relations

    On other hand –
    1.Resistance from political rivals as it deviated from india age old non alignment policy
    2.Might be trapped by usa game plan in asia which strains india – china relations
    3.Chance of compromising on issues like intellectual property and enhance pressure form lobbies towards their interests

    Despite such better relations with USA will help in india to enhance its economy and strategical presence but it might be cautious in drafting its approach on defence terms and commercially to maintain its relations effectively in near neighbourhood

    • sowmya

      Plzzz reveiw….