Daily Debate – Unity in diversity -a fanciful idea or a realizable goal?

Unity in diversity -a fanciful idea or a realizable goal?

Provide your inputs in the comment section below.

Think everyday, add little extra everyday- after all drops  only make the ocean, and you can’t drink a ocean in one day , but if you drink few drops everyday , you might end up drinking the ocean.

So think everyday , write everyday and add few drops of knowledge everyday.

“It is not that I did not know certain points to certain answer , but in the hours of exam , it did not come to my mind” – Thats is the worst part.

So think everyday so that in exam , you no more need to think.And honestly , there is no time to think either.

Think, Write and Participate – Little efforts of everyday weighs heavy than efforts of long hours for few months.

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  • Apercu

    It is a realizable goal. In fact, Nature has achieved it – it is visible in the environment as Biodiversity and Sustainable ecosystems. Sadly, these are under threat largely because of anthropogenic reasons.
    All humans are basically same, in terms of their needs. But yet everyone is unique, in their attitude and intellect. Unity in diversity is realizable when synergies are built up by combining strengths of all to satisfy everyone’s greed (off track, Gandhi’s quote come to mind – Earth has enough for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed).
    It might sound socialist but I would like to say “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”. We can tweak this principle a little to add incentives, that act as motivation – which is also one of the needs.