Daily Debate – Is it really possible to eradicate corruption ?

Is it really possible to eradicate corruption ? ?

Provide your inputs in the comment section below.

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  • Mahi

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  • Mahi

    Sir I don’t know what’s happening I posted my answer around 9: 30 pm …..and from last 20 minutes I am trying again but it is not getting uploaded

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  • Mahi


    • You answers not only delves in to the technological aspect of dealing with corruption but also deals with the moral compass- which is good.You have mentioned the points but little structural change can do wonders for your answers.Break the topic in these heads:-

      1)What constitutes corruption
      2)Its prevalence in Indian society
      3)Why it is prevalent – social,political , technological reasons
      4)You can even cite the example of the Indian movies and how they built our perception of corruption and seduced us to believe that corruption is the only way out and take it for granted .
      5)Also cite why even the developed countries face corruption and reasons behind
      6)way forward

      Of course you have dealt on these heads in your answer, we are just giving a better structure to it.

      Keep writing.

      • Mahi

        Thank you sir …I m learning and ur guidance is very much required… Keep guiding us

  • Mahi

    Part 1

  • sowmya

    Corruption occurs when an authority in position utilizes his official capacity for personal gain. It may be of 2 types:

    • Collusive – agreement between govt and private sector
    Eg: 2G scam

    • Coercive corruption – victim is normal man where he has to pay bribe for the service entitled
    Eg: corruption in PDS shops

    Corruption may be caused due to poverty, illiteracy, nexus between bureaucrats and politicians, poor implementation of regulations etc. It has wider impacts on society in terms of political and economic and social leads to inequalities, violence, and tensions

    Successive govts developed major strategies to erase such corruption from public life like:

    • Promoting RTI to induce transparency in public services
    • Developing ACB to investigate such cases and to instill fear among persons involved
    • Recent amendments to corruption act 1988 provides strict penalties for both bribe givers and takers
    • Promoting social audit in welfare schemes for developing accountability towards common man
    • Imposing model code of conduct during elections and restrictions like disclosing expenditures during nominations are some of the steps to curtail corruption in politics
    • Developing campaigns for raising awareness about people rights and responsibilities ins society
    • Developing ethical code of conduct for civil servants will ensure their moral functioning during their service

    Despite such efforts there are some challenges which retard the growth of such attempts:

    • Poverty and illiteracy continues to remain major obstacle in its elimination
    • Certain loopholes in corruption act 1988 like prior approval of central govt before investigations leave major corrupt officers from being caught
    • No disposal of less than 20,000 donations during elections promote money power in politics which affects the govt functioning later
    • No RTI officers in local offices and delay in functioning hampers the work and demotivates people from their responsibility in curbing corruption
    • Complex business process often took most people to bribe so that work can be ensured in real time
    • Ineffective implementation of whistle blowers act leads to deaths of whistle blowers like satyendra Dubey which discourages people to take disclose such activities

    Combining effective steps by minimizing loopholes along with take citizens on board, govt can ensure in erasing such menace from society which costs economic and social life of people.

    • sowmya

      plzz review UPSCtree

      I wrote most of the points which i could come across without restricting into 200 words..

      • sowmya

        one thing sir,whether structure is correct or not? first giving steps taken and then later challenges … or first challenges and then solutions? what is the correct way? whether it depends on the question?

        • Problem-solution is like cause-effect relationship , problem first and solution later.Problem establishes the context and ending the answer with solution gives optimism and hope . The examiner awards mark after conclusion , so optimism is necessary in conclusion 🙂

          • sowmya

            Thanku sir… For this question first i have to write challenges then i have to give various mechanisms already in place ,their loopholes and way forward

            Is this right approach? My answer structure could nt workout ?

    • Very good answer Sowmya and very good examples ,

      Few suggestions :-

      Along with Dubey you can also mention the Shanmugam Manjunath case.Also try to show a dichotomy that even though illiteracy is a cause of corruption yet how even education has not been able to eradicate corruption and has only created a clever devil.Diversify the example by including examples form health sector as well.Also show that although developing countries are engulfed in corruption , the developed countries are not faring better either , even though they have the most advanced system to fight it, so it has to be fought in many different levels such as – technological, social and psychological, awareness campaign of rights of individual and most of all a profound deterrence mechanism where incident of corruption is not only reported immediately but also redressed and appropriate measures are taken immediately.Lastly, a country follows its leaders and try to show how corrupt practices in high echelons had a profound impact on the public and the necessary political will to fight it.

      Hope the review helps.

      • sowmya

        Okk sirr.. Thanku.. I try to incorporate various dimensions