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Daily MCQS -10


Daily MCQS :- The MCQS are mostly informative in nature and checks your grasp on current events. Your request regarding explanation and non-showing up of all the statements after submission etc is addressed now.The quiz became much more enjoyable and the features have been enabled as you asked. […]

Daily MCQS -102016-05-16T09:20:23+05:30

Daily Current Events – 16 May 2016


India Meteorological Department forecasts slightly delayed Southwest monsoon – 2016 over Kerala India Meteorological Department forecast suggests that the onset of Southwest monsoon this year over Kerala is likely to be slightly delayed. The statistical model used by IMD, for predicting the onset of monsoon, indicates that the southwest monsoon is likely to set over Kerala on 7th June with a model error of ± 4 days. The below mentioned components for data modelling is important from examination perspective. […]

Daily Current Events – 16 May 20162017-02-13T22:19:03+05:30

Society Watch – Traditional Medicine and WHO !!!


Background :-  Traditional medicine is something that every Indian must have used at some point of their lifetime. Although, in recent years it has been loosing its sheen and gave away to the modern medicinal system, yet its significance still remains. And in the context of spiraling life-style diseases, more and more people are turning towards the ancient system of healthcare. Many are preferring to go through the traditional medicine system to find cure rather than chewing pills every now and then. Traditional medicine:- Traditional medicine is the sum total of the knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, [...]

Society Watch – Traditional Medicine and WHO !!!2017-02-13T22:18:46+05:30
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