Daily Debate :-Do you think there is deterioration in Indian political discourse ?

Do you think there is deterioration in Indian political discourse ?

Provide your inputs in the comment section below.

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  • Khayam

    Do you think there is deterioration in Indian political discourse ?

    Yes, there is deteriorationin Indian politics.

    Recently AAP leader Arvind Kejrival raised issue of PM degree, he said PM is holding fake degree,
    in answer to this delhi university has uphold the PMs degree, showing his Master of Arts (M.A) degree.
    the kind of language AAP has used against Modi like (psychopath), is not ethical, since some time back AAP has used 12th pass Modi.

    Here deterioration is not only limited to AAP, even BJP is also equaly involved in such kind of deterioration, they abused AAP,
    BJP fellows/followers beated up the AAP followers/party members suring delhi election.

    BJP has carried the same legacy during the JNU strike in Delhi, BJP has used delhi police power to suppress the agitation of JNU,
    but they could not succede, but they tried all possible ways.

    BJP tried to use the opportunity in BIHAR election on the wave of thier majority win in Lok sabha, but poeple of bihar did not supported them in majority.
    there was deterioration from BJP and other parties of BIHAR.

    The helicopter scam, AAP abusing BJP, other parties BJP, BJP opposing as well abusing other parties, clearly indicates the deterioration.

    it clearly requires some sort of moral and ethical values in political parties, to control the kind of language they use.
    hence it clearly requires some restrictions and protection of political parties against each other, if not there should be punishment to be imposed on the guilty for misusing Article-19 (freedom of speech) power.

    • Khayam

      Please review

    • Dear Khayam,

      Its a good analysis, however though the article gives you an idea what the topic means, the necessity here is to maintain generalization that is not to name any particular person or party .You have to point out the issues without necessarily pointing fingers towards any one specifically- hence it has to to be done subtly.Try to write it without name calling and let us know if you have any doubts in this regard.

    • Indeed a good attempt.

      But few suggestions :

      Do not write party names by this way while concluding you answer will establish a subtle inclination toward any party. This will act against you. Civil Servant must be neutral hence neutrality must be shown.
      Conclude your answer in last para. If you start with writing answers with “yes” and “no” then whole analysis will stand to prove your stand. In actual your analysis shall derive conclusion.

      e.g. Suppose if i don’t agree with you then by seeing first line i know that we are contrary. Everybody loves their opinion :D. So i might not do justice with you. But if you are deriving your conclusion i will not be able to reject it and i will evaluate your argument.

      If mentioning name is necessary then i think only few names likes of PM and Prez are tolerable. You can use anyone form history like Indira Gandhi it has no issue.
      eg In my answer “Democracy is self correcting institution” was said by Pranab Mukhajee on 14th August 2014. But i made it my statement 😉

  • Khayam

    Please spare some time to review

    • It is reviewed now.Keep writing, you have good writing skill .We can certainly guide you on content if you keep on writing.

  • “Democracy is self correcting institution”. However politics as a profession has it’s own tricks. From Chanaky to Machiavelli we find it’s vivid aspects.

    In India both ruling party and opposition plays vital role. When ruling part governs opposition party keeps finding it’s mistakes and highlighting them. It works as effective evaluation and measure of accountability. On the day of election when electors cast their votes they make an informed choice about what they want for next five year.
    When nation was witnessing high profile corruption (fodder scam, Colgate, 2G Scam, Agusta Westland, Boforse Scandal) rival were quick to react and started Anti-Corruption movement then in next few election.
    We the people of India choose the norm of clean and transparent governance since then transparency become basic norm for party to contest election. It is like new minima.

    Recently new trends emerged about questioning the qualification of representatives. It will culminate in new minima within few year, where elector will not only check about how clean the candidate is? but also that how qualified he/she is?
    Since it is politics we can not expect idealism and complete truthfulness because at the end what matter in politics is the political mileage. It is the job of mass media to find the truth about such incident in non-partisan manner.

    Next question of political discourse comes about obstructionist attitude. This precedent has emerged recently which is derailing national interest. Parliament is and institution for legislation and discussion if house is not allowed to function for political reasons then such politics is fails to serve any purposes. It shall be stopped and discouraged.

    Measures to increase the functioning of legislature :

    Electoral reform
    Political and Economic education for masses.
    Adequate expert assistance for Legislature to effectively discuss the issue.
    Training of the representative to enable them function effectively in democratic spirit.

    Thus, large and vibrant democracy as India, having large un-educated electorate and partisan media houses creates lee way for political deterioration. However such argument were also made when India was attaining freedom. Political epitaph were being written but now here we stand after 6 decades as the only functioning democracy in south east Asia without any military rule. It is a manifestation that we have more positive elements than negative one’s. But looming problems must not be ignored. The only solution is that every stakeholder need to play it’s part honestly (i.e. Media) and then Indian democracy will rectify it’s political erring effectively.

    • Missing: Communal Politics is missing…:O

      Kuch na Kuch rah he jata hai