Daily Debate – Does feminism simply means women’s fight against men ?

Does feminism simply means women’s fight against men ?

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  • Feminism is political and social movement which aims to attain equity in status of all genders. It shall be noted that aim is equity not equality. Equity means equal subjection in equal circumstances. This stature will provide women the status of equality which is apt for their needs.

    So What’s wrong with equality?

    Equality will set this movement in the trajectory which is destined to be in conflict with the men, because demanding equality and pushing for equality means will create a situation where women will have to emulate the achievements of men. Therefore, it will be like de facto acceptance of men’s status is higher and women will establish their credibility for equality by emulating men’s achievement. Hence whole purpose will stand defeated.

    So what’s the aim?

    Feminism as a movement is an attempt to empower the women. Empowerment means every women shall have ability to “make choice” and “knowledge”, “ability” and “acceptance” to fulfill their choices. By this way women shall be able to find a way to achieve flourish and effectively contribute in eradication of social evils.
    (Prime Minister have said that the best way to eradicate the Child Labor is to Educate the women. An educated women shall never let their children to work in factories.)

    Measures to make it a success :
    * Promotion of Education ( Infra, sanitation facility, scholarships)
    * Equal pay for equal work ( Realization of DPSP)
    * Security establishment sensitive towards the need of womes.
    * Skill development and enabling infrastructure to capilatize the traditional knowledge of nutrition for benefit of society and nation.

    Politicization of feminist movement has created an image that aim is the women’s fight against men. But true purpose lies in social revolution where society shall be accomodative (not tolerant) for needs and choices of women then and only then true aim can be realized. It is in the interest of whole society not just women.

    • Bhartiya Mahila Bank,
      Subsidized loan for women co-operative
      promoting women entrepreneurship..

      These measures i missed.

    • Good one Vivek, keep writing.