Daily Debates -Honor Killing – Why it happens and how to check it ?

Honor Killing – Why it happens and how to check it ?

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  • Honor killing is a protection of “perceived” honor of family or village. Honor killing mainly related with the young couples who does not belong to the same caste or religion.

    Why it happens ?

    In India social reform is not uniformly distributed because of laps in the educational system. Honor killing primarily happens in such regions where caste and religious rigidities are being enforced by traditional authority structure. This is mainly because of governance deficit and unavailability of educational venues. People do not know that their killing for Family Honor is cold blooded murder and there is nothing honor in it. They also fear to stand against since the elites of village is so powerful and if they stood possibly they too will get eliminated to establish as an example.

    Measures to check it:

    Bridging the governance deficit. (Building infra structure and connect such areas with urban centers)
    Enhancing educational and vocational skill opportunities, since these efforts will bring upward social mobility and then traditional autocratic authority system will convert in modern democratic system i.e. KhapPanchayats to Panchayat as in 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act.
    Legislation against the khap panchayats and declare them as an instrument of oppression and shall be dealt with the provisions of Prevention of Atrocities Act.
    Since such incidents has approval of the community it is not easy to detect them with traditional bureaucratic instruments. Therefore involvement of NGO’s and Civil Societies will make the system effective. e.g : In Vidharbha region Child Marriage was rampant but with the efforts of NGO and proactive administration such incidents are sharply declining.

    No body want to kill their children. It is the extreme right wing activist who does the job mainly. Law and order enforcement need to check such elements and shall respond to every lead they have.