Daily MCQS -3

Daily MCQS :-

The MCQS are mostly informative in nature and checks your grasp on current events.

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By | 2016-05-06T13:16:58+00:00 May 6th, 2016|Daily Current Events|2 Comments
  • Please provide statements along with correct answers…
    for ex.

    Q.5 With reference to the Indian history of art and culture, consider the following pairs:
    1 and 2 only
    1 and 3 only
    2 and 3 only(CORRECT)
    1,2 and 3

    I played it i knew only about 3rd for sure now i want to be sure for 2nd option. But on this page it is not possible. so Please

  • Are you sure about Question 1 and Question 2… Please explain..