Daily Debate – 2 (You debate , We compile)

2)Is it right to do away with caste -based reservation in India ? Is it the right time to do so ?

Provide your inputs in the comment section below.

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  • Malady of caste is as old as hills in the India. No storms &wave of great philosophy could sediment the hill rock of caste…and make it fertile plain for sustainable development…. Rather it created the reverse over centuries after centuries. Realizing this fact Our constitutional assembly created the caste reservation to solve the ice bergs of the downtrodden section of the country. But still it is not enough to solve the issue even after many decades since independence. Untill we achieve the universal literacy rate &empowerment of all section and gender , and economic sustainability, we can not erase the these social malady. Albeit, caste reservation created the climate of politicizing tool. And violence towards these sections from others due to the feeling of deprivation from the opportunity. So when only reservation tool can’t solve the issue so we must implement other tool ( economic backwardness and others) along with it to achieve the desired results.. So I think it is not the ripe time to with draw the caste reservation… We must wait for the ripeness to come.

    • Nice use of literature.

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          Sure, write on a daily basis, and we will certainly guide you.

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