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  • Pyarelal

    Q’s1 doubtful.. model code of conduct doesn’t have statutory basis. How is it correct~??

    • Good question ,

      To have statutory basis there should be a Law passed by the elected representatives.
      However for model code of conduct there is no such law that backs it.

      Check this :-


      one of the most important features of the democratic polity is elections at regular intervals. Holding periodic free and fair elections are essentials of democratic system. It is a part of the basic structure of the Constitution.AIR 1995 SC 852 The Election Commission is regarded as the guardian of free and fair elections. In every election, it issues a Model code of Conduct for political parties and candidates to conduct elections in a free and fair manner. The Commission issued the code for the first time in 1971 (5th Election) and revised it from time to time. It lay down guidelines for conduct of political parties and candidates during elections. However, there are instances of violation of code by the political parties and complaints are received for misuse of official machinery by the candidates. The need for such code is in the interest of free and fair elections. However, the code does not have any specific statutory basis. It has only a persuasive effect. It contains what, known as “rules of electoral morality”. But this lack of statutory backing does not prevent the Commission from enforcing it.

      Hope this clarifies.Thank you.

      • Pyarelal

        Thanks for reply.
        According Q’s you asked for correct statement and statement 1 is incorrect so how is the answer showing option ‘a’ is correct.

        • Yes You are absolutely right, the missing “not” is added to the question now.Thanks for bringing this up.

  • Yes , You are absolutely right. Thanks for highlighting this. The question is changed now.

    • Pyarelal

      One more request,
      As you are providing these quality mcq free of cost so thanks .
      If possible can you make available these Q’s in such format that it can be downloaded as pdf format so that these imp matters can be revised at exam time
      If possible make available compilation of these.
      It will be useful .

      • Compilations can be done.Thanks for the input.

  • Thank u…sir… If possible…add few questions extra per day…. So that we could effectively learn in this platform.

  • Nisha

    Thanks a lot upstree team. You are the best!

  • Yogeshkumar

    Thanks for daily mcq.we all are waiting another mcq.

  • Thanks for daily MCQ. PLEASE provide explanation also and other extra supplements OR you can provide compilation with details explanation /links

  • It would be great if we can see statements along with options…