Essay Review for Demo Test I

We are finished with the  Review of  Essay Demo Test- I , hope all of you who have submitted the essay for review have got their PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK (Handwritten). If any of you have not received the review but submitted the essay , kindly let us know .


The Essay Topics were :-

1)If women can succeed only by emulating men, then it would be a great loss.
2)”An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”
3)We don’t value what we get for free.
4)Right character of human being is reflected in his/her decisions.


Most attempted Essay – We don’t value what we get for free
2nd Most attempted Essay – An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind .


We sincerely hope that the review was helpful and gave you some insight on how to approach the essay , what are the strengths and weaknesses etc . Feel free to drop in your comments/queries/feedback.


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  • Thanks upsctree for your review.Will follow your valuable suggestions.

    • Can we please get a sample essay for all the topic mentioned here. May be the best of the lot you reviewed for each topic.

  • Thank you team,
    The review was very useful .Normally A detailed essay strategy and review is hard to find .Never expected such a detailed review .
    Looking forward to more such tests/initiatives.