Update on ESSAY Demo Test II

We sincerely hope that you are writing or preparing to write the Essay .

If you are thinking, whether your essay will be perfect or not – it simply does not matter.

If you think , once I read everything then I will write the essay – that day will never come .

Hence give up your inhibitions and start writing if you want to clear the exam with a good rank .As this exam is all about writing , one day or other you have to write , better be early than be sorry.


*Regarding the Essay Demo Test I – we are reviewing it and those who submitted will be getting the personalized feedback soon.


Here is the details regarding Essay Demo test II:-

Download the Question-Cum-Answer Booklet to write the ESSAY. Instructions are given in the file itself.

Question-Cum-Answer Booklet_Click here

The ESSAY should reach us by 23 JAN 2016 for review.

Thank you


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  • Sir , I have sent my essay for Essay Demo Test 2, but still not got the feedback.Please provide me the feedback so that i can proceed in right direction with my preparation


    • Hi Raj,

      You will soon get the review.