Clarification regarding Demo Test

We have received few queries regarding the Demo test/Strategy and here are the answers to your queries :-

Q)Sir, I have not read anything yet . I am yet to start NCERT and other books, would it be good for me to take the test ?

A)The test is only indicative in nature , that means, it will give you fair idea how the questions will be set , quality of question etc.This is no way to test your knowledge , instead it is only going to give us a fair amount of idea where our aspirants stand, so that we can give maximum focus where it is needed.Moreover, the demo test will have questions on general understanding and current affairs , so we encourage you to go through our monthly magazines for current affair for NOV and DEC ( Dec 2015 monthly magazine will be provided tomorrow). So encourage you to take the test  , there is no harm in giving it a try.

Q)Sir , I have not been able to understand the strategy and I am starting to prepare now and it does not make sense to me ?

A)This is true, some of you have understood and wrote to us , how the strategy speaks your mind, because, it is not something we created out of thin air, it is our reflection which is built upon, years of hard work, perspiration, enjoying  happiness and battling doubts. In the strategy document , we are as honest , and as true as we can with you and self.If you have given the examination before, you will connect with the strategy document.

If you are starting now to prepare, this is the best time , because development of perspective/opinion/good writing  takes time , hence the sooner you take the step , the better you utilize your time.Once you start preparation, you will know how the strategy document makes sense.

The first thing to clear this exam is to be honest and true with yourself, be humble and appreciative of others opinion . These virtues, if you inculcate will reflect in  your answers and help you develop critical thinking.







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  • Ronu Mondeep Mohanty

    Good Morning Sir,
    Wishes for the new year, hope my text finds you well there.Sir, there has been a much of hypes about Coaching at Delhi and for me coaching is a distant possibility; because if I take coaching I loose my time to give for self study, yet when I see my friends going into regular coaching I get insecurities and think of joining an institute.(working professional sir). Please share your insights as to if it is really mandatory to go for coaching for a fresher? Can holistic Preparation be done if I follow your Timetable religiously? Please sir, let me know! Confusion: self study vs Coaching vs coaching plus self study (My time is limited- working professional)

    Awaiting your response,

    Warm Regards,


    • Thank you for the wishes Ronu,

      Hypes don’t serve the purpose.

      When I see my friends going into regular coaching I get insecurities and think of joining an institute – — it is true, one gets insecurities, however , what is important is – will they all get through ? – — he/she who gets through is the one who has a good strategy and maintains consistency. Self-study is the single most important factor to clear this exam. Coachings will teach you what is written in the book and for that they will charge 15000-20000 per month, just to stand before and tell you what is written in the book already.

      Please share your insights as to if it is really mandatory to go for coaching for a fresher?—- what we can assure you is that, have faith, register for our initiative , follow the schedule , and see where it leads in 2 months, and then call up your friend and ask questions (those who go to coaching) to compare. UPSC takes all the material that is available in Delhi and asks questions that are mostly not there in the material(that is what we have heard). On general UPSC is known to brakes the bones of coaching institutes anyway.For eg- read our essay paper analysis of CSE 2015 and ask the people who have gone to coaching on what essay they would have attempted , and their reasoning behind it. You will see the difference.Having said that , give it a 2 month and see where it leads, take a chance. On Jan 5 , we will upload the complete schedule and registration link.Also we are planning for personalized feedback for certain papers.

      Can holistic Preparation be done if I follow your Timetable religiously? —— just give it a try and see if it really helps you .If you maintain consistency , you will improve leaps and bounds, that is what we believe and our analysis of issues is unparalleled (not being arrogant) because we know what coaching centers provide (mostly shop-lifted material). For eg- for a question which has to be answered by 200 words they will give model answer which has 800/1000 words and mostly disconnected analysis as they pick it from somewhere (this is norm in almost all materials of coaching institutes)

      My time is limited- working professional ——- we completely understand your predicament Ronu. You no need to sacrifice your job to clear this exam. What it needs is few hrs of daily study and , if you do that regularly – nothing can stop you.It is not who has gone coaching and studied for 12 hrs will clear (because no one can stay focused beyond 4 hrs – that is the truth), it is the one who have studied for 4 hrs utmost attention and followed a good strategy will clear – it is as simple as that.

      Lastly, you can write to us with all your queries and we will answer them .What we advise is, don’t be insecure, follow the strategy and schedule , don’t follow the herd, have faith in self , if you can keep up the consistency and study regularly , you can get through.

      It is the little we do everyday that counts.

      Feel free to write to us in case of any queries