Strategy document Part II – Broad outline of the Schedule and Upcoming Demo test

This is in continuation of our 4 part release of Strategy document for Civil Services Examination 2016.

  • Part II(this part) covers the outline of schedule and upcoming demo test details and initiatives.

Link to the document :- Strategy Document -Part II – Outline of Schedule and Upcoming demo test




Upcoming Documents:-

Part III – Our answer to your questions/feedback

Part IV – Complete Schedule

Kindly go through the link and check the document, You can ask ask the questions here :- Ask a Question Here





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  • gangireddyone

    This is wonderful, not because some 80% of questions will show up in actual question papers(as some websites are claiming, directly or indirectly), but because you are taking up a responsibility which no others are willing to take up at least not free of cost. I just hope these initiatives will not be done away with, due to lesser participation etc. It will anyways take some time for people to know about and get used to a website. I hope and wish this initiative, turns out to be successful. Thanks!

  • gangireddyone

    Posted it on forum IAS hoping it helps!!

    • Thank you. We really appreciate your help.

  • missionupsc2016

    Nice initiative !!!

  • Raspi

    Thanks alot UPSCTREE Team …. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • pratek

    It’s really very insightful. And you guys are seriously doing commendable job. Guys like you encourage and inspire us to run for an extra mile.
    Thank you, Dil se 🙂

    • The insight are formed after so many years of hard work , perspiration, success and failure . We tried to be as true as we can and as honest as we can – both with the aspirants and with self.Thank you Pratek.We will make sure that you run that extra mile 🙂

  • pushkar

    just go ahead with your noble initiative.we are with you.have faith in us and in yourself.we will complete the journey by becoming companinion of one another.right now,wishing you a very happy new year