Here is the essay paper of CSE 2015- MAINS conducted today.

Sections – A

  1. Lending Hands to someone is better than giving a dole.
  2. Quick but steady wins the race
  3. Character of an institution is reflected in its leader
  4. Education without values . as useful  as it is, seems rather to make  a man more clever devil

Section – B

  1. Technology can not replace manpower
  2. Crisis faced in India-Moral or Economic
  3. Dreams which should not let India sleep
  4. Can capitalism bring inclusive growth.IMG-20151218-WA0001


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    2.Crisis faced in india – moral or economic?


    India certainly faces both moral and economic crisis.About half of the citizens are living under poverty in sub human conditions and when we asses it by the official poverty index it looks the menace of poverty has been tackled in the past 20 years but the reality is far from different as the offcial index is set so low that one could not attain a fulfilling life with less than 100 rupee per day.Infact,he could not even avail enough food in this inflated economy.

    Having said this when we look back to the past to find the reason for these pathetic state of affairs,moral crisis glares at us as the underlying cause for the economic crisis india faces now.People stiill thrive in hypocrisy,selfish attitude,and corruption.Though it is widely trumpeted that politicians and beaureacrats are the reason for the massive corruption in india,we should shed our hypocrisy to see the real truth.Politicians and beraucrats are also the citizens of india and they are shaped by their environment.Hence when we look in this way it is not hard to find the immoral attitude prevailing among our people which cripples india.It would be a travesty of justice and hypocrisy at its best to conceal the real reason of the moral crisis and advocating various super natural theories for the pathetic state of our citizens

    India is a democracy and politicians are elected by the people.Every one knows clearly that a political party or persona is thriving in corruption but people sell their votes for the petty gifts like money and alchohol in turn voting only for corrupt politicians who are the ones affordable to spend massive amounts of money to woo people.The greatest irony is that the same people complains administrative mechanism was crippled and though they know the reason well in the next election they vote again to the same party for the petty gifts.

    Next, corruption in public offices is not only due to the attitude of beaureacrats but also due to the attitude of some people who encourage corruption for getting their things done quickly and this in turn affects those who could not afford bribery.we could see this moral crisis in every small things.citizens curse those who does not follow traffic rules but when they tread in the same path most will never follow it unless a traffic constable is present there.In our country it has become a fashion to set different standards for one own self and others.Another glaring example is the election for our panchayats.People vote based on caste or money and never votes for a person’s talent and integrity.Then this automatically lead to massive corruption and again india reels in poverty..

    Our government has put forward multiple schemes in the name of tackling poverty and most of them are good,well thought out schemes but the reason for their failure is the moral crisis whic has spreadit clouds over india.Unless we accept it and reform ourselves we would go on framing new schemes for the next 100 years without any result.

    Our people worship cows but degrades a human on the basis of his caste and Religion.This has ensured that more than 30 percent of our people are assured to reel in poverty due to the actions of so called forward castes who vow to leave their life for god when they murders a fellow human without any consideration for humanity.Progressive individuals are often made silent by traditional forces.The greatest comical thing in this is media and most intellectuals seldom speak the real reasons for our economic crisis rather they give many reasons like global economic depression,difficulty is ease of business and etc.

    People worship women as godess in temples but indulge in dowry and female infanticide and this assured one half of indian population remain disadvantaged.They glorify religion but would never follow our upanishadic traditions.A person who has empathy for other humans would never indulge in gender,class or caste atrocities.

    Nowadays more than any other country in india people worship money and indulge in any selfish thing to hoard more and more wealth.This caused massive inequality where only strong survives and weak a are left to rot in poverty.only rich people get all the facilities and most of them does not follow any moral except hoarding the wealth for future generations.


    Hence,without transforming the attitude of our people we could never dream about the india of bliss where all the people get every thing and one does not beg for his food.The greatest impediment in this is our false or hypocritic patriotism where people seldom accept the reality lest it will destroy the image of india but in reality India is already damaged internally and once could not go on dreaming about demographic dividend and skilling india for getting people out of poverty without taking care of the huge moral crisis in india.We could hope the conditions will change and Indians would accept the mistake and work towards fixing the broken pieces.

    • Your writing is very crisp and good Arun. It would not be wrong to call it near perfect.

      Here is the review –

      The way you represented the crisis is good, however, if you could have added the reason behind such crisis -for eg long socialist policy of states control and the license raj are the main reasons for corruption in india. This gave ample power to the officials who exploited it for self benefits. How lack of charismatic leadership and presence of corrupt leaders had trickle down effect on popular psyche. People usually follow their leaders, remember when sastri called for jai jawan and jai kisan and people sacrificed 1 meal a day so as we can fight the war which had put immense economic burden. Compare india at times of gandhi and india now in terms of morality of people then and now.

      Increasing violence against women and example could have added richness.

      You have mentioned the greed part quite well.western vs eastern values and effect of globalization could have added as one of the root cause of this issue and how the society is in conflict with itself.

      How Politically motivated speeches creating faultlines in society.
      Which is leading to degradation of public morals and spreads hatred. How political class is engaged in nepotism and self aggrandisement even though india became a democracy yet our political class is promoting age old practice of inheritance in public life which erodes the meritocracy.

      Over all! You have written a very good essay, only thing required is little more example and diversity. Hope the review helps.We understand that you already know these reasons, because you have touched the core of essay, only you have to mention them to diversify.

      • ARUN NT

        Post it here sir Thank u very much for the review.I will improve it for good


    Sir kindly review my essay .thanks

  • muun

    Sir can u please clear doubts on institutions and leader’s essay.lots of confusion