A New Year, A New Agenda and the Renewed Aspiration

Many of us come across this QUESTION – Why pursue civil service ?(We have seen people leave their  lucrative jobs and join civil service). The reason is varied but the core of the reason is that civil service provides a platform to deal with a diversity of subjects , culture,language , ethos, people and most importantly to serve their country.

However despite of having this dream many aspirants are not able to crack the examination even after a number of attempts. The sole reason behind this is the minute faults in their strategies. Therefore in order to help the aspirants to sail  towards the success and keep them away from the mirage of irrelevancy we have initiated this platform i.e. UPSCTREE. The initiative is based on the principle that –  “While you take care of your studies, we take care of your strategy.”

To elaborate further , we are planning something great for this new year and request you to bear with us for a few more days. We will start our new initiative from January 1, 2016. This initiative will be a comprehensive one, dealing with all three phases viz. prelims, mains and interview. It will help both the working as well as full time aspirants(we are putting special focus on this)

We will reveal the strategy just before the new year,so just hold on friends, the march towards success is on.Civil service is not your next job , but it is your life’s mission and we are committed to help you become  a civil servant , so “Lets walk together towards the glory of serving  this great cradle of civilization called – INDIA” and lets work together for the realization of –  India of our dreams.

Last but not the least,if you can commit yourself, we can assure you to bring the best out of you  – your hidden potential, your refined intellect and your capability to work against all odds.

Meanwhile , you may spread the communique about the initiative among your friends , so that by the time we step in to the year of success ahead , they are on board with us.


Feel free to send your feedback and  comments.

P.S: We do not guarantee success, but we firmly believe that if anyone whether a novice or a veteran in this field, sincerely follows the strategy he or she will definitely succeed.
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  • Amit Sharma

    Hello sir. Sir any valuable material regarding preliminary exam as i have a state civil exam on 12th dec. I would be highly obliged.

    • Hi Amit, Which State civil service exam it is ? Mostly state civil service exam question are fact based and direct questions.Let us know which state and if we have any exposure to that then we might be able to help.

    • Madhav

      Good Initiation Sir. Thank You

      • 🙂

        • sai

          Nice initiative thanq sir

  • Very good platform to prepare for upsc.. Specially for people from West Bengal…….


      hello sir , any notes on MPPSC MY STATE PRELIMINARY exam 25 jan 2016..

      • Geet

        Its a nice website.you are doing a great job.please continue the initiative you started which focused on 2016.
        this site is surely going to give a tough competition to other sites,
        All the best to upsctree team

        • sandeep

          Sir,anxiously waiting for complete framework..Plz disclose it soon….

          • We are working on it day and night Sandeep.Very soon.

          • sandeep

            ofcourse it will be cumbersome task..Thank you for working us……

  • Civils Aspirant

    Waiting.. 🙂

    • The wait will be over soon 🙂