Some Clarifications on Daily Current Events

Dear friends,


We have received few questions regarding Daily current events, hence we thought , instead of responding to each via mail , we have compiled all the questions and answer to them here :-

Q-Do we cover PIB ?

A- Yes, it is indispensable.Apart from PIB we cover many other sites and newspaper too. It takes nearly 4 hrs to filter out and publish everyday(Some days more) . Filtering and Analysis takes more time .

Q- Why static section in some posts ?

A- When the news is too little for the day or if we come across any particular issue that might be important, we publish it as under Static section of the news post .

Q- Why news that are making headlines such as – Intolerance, Cow debate , etc are not published , while other sites are publishing the same.

A- We consider them political fights, nothing to do with our syllabus. Moreover political fights should be left to the politicians. It is not useful in any case for our preparation.If any substantial debate which may be necessary from syllabus point of view , even though it is  political,  will be published.

Q- Why no Editorials ?

A- Our Editorial is named as Reflections , As yet we have published 2 editorials , namely  on AFSPA and Surrogacy. You may send mail to us if you come across any issue of importance that needs publishing, feel free to write to us.

Q-Will you provide the compilation of Monthly news ?

A- Yes, We are planning for that . Those who have subscribed to our mailing list will get it .

Q- Should I need to read the news on my own ?

A- Depends on you. But we cover everything , rest assured of that(We provide analysis too, which the newspaper usually lacks) .On a lighter note,  If you want to get entertained , you may tune into prime-time news show though- those are great stress-busters 🙂


After all the hard work we put in , we only need 2 things from you . First – Promote the site (only if you believe in it) , Second – Be engaging with us, it helps us outdo ourselves each time.


Good Night


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  • Thnxx upsctree

  • Tinku Ji

    Thanks sir you are doing great job.

    One request from me and other aspirants is include a new post daily for editorials from major news papers like the hindu livemint business standard etc.

    Tab named should editorials demolished.


    • Akshay

      Are you going to cover static part of GS 1,2,3 or only current affairs related information ?
      And it will be on daily basis or weekly ?

  • Tahir Wani

    The analysis on The surrogacy was mind blowing.Surely your way is going to improve me….Thanks

    • Thank you Tahir . We are happy that it helps 🙂