Feedback Requested – GS I initiative

Dear friends,

We are contemplating to start GS I initiative by Nov 15  where we will give you questions and references to sources , based on which you may write the answers .

Strategy :-

Dealing with Syllabus:-

We will proceed with the syllabus where in we will deal each section separately .

Reference , Sources :-

We will provide you the name of source or reference , the timeline and and the particular section you may have to study. After the timeline we will provide you the questions on those particular sections which you may have completed.

How to Write and Evaluation Method:-

You may write the answers either digitally in comment section or  in the paper itself . If you write in paper , you can send the scan copies to our mail. We will evaluate the answers and then will provide model answer or choose a particular answer which is best written.


Do let us know if this will be helpful for you ? If we get positive response we will proceed with the GSI initiative.


P.S:- This way we can make positive and incremental steps towards completion of syllabus.We sincerely think that it will help you focus in your preparation.


Kindly respond ASAP.


Thanks & Regards




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  • Tahir Wani

    It will be great ,seeing the way you are dealing current affairs.

  • Anu

    That would be a nice initiative.. Please go on..

    • mayank dhruw

      offcource its going to be the sunlight for aspirants, as answer writing is the only tool to assemble upsc.

      • mayank dhruw

        offcource can be replace by definitely

      • Shweta

        It will be really helpful,,,, go ahead.

        • Sunil

          Pleas go ahead. your current event s are other sections are great and quality is top notch .so it is only natural that this event from UPSCTREE will immensely help.

  • Madhav

    It will be a best initiative. Plz do start and continue it. Apart from this, if possible, plz post analysis of important editorials from news papers. Thank You

    • Priya

      Yes… yes ..please….This will be water to the fish.Thanks are doing commendable job, not sure why this site is not promoted enough…will ask other to join…and request the people in here to promote it… #upsctreeARMY ..wake up …..

  • Ankit

    Kindly do so….. and yes @Priya – you are right …we need to form #upsctreeARMY ….many can benefit from this .

    • Mahantesh S P

      Good intiative sir…Go ahead

      • vijay deep

        Looking forward for such a great initiative . Will improve skills and answer writing Thanks.

  • Sree

    Please do so…please think of starting another module from January so that those like me who are writing mains will follow… Thank you.

    • SachinB

      Very good initiative. Plz do it asap.. Thank you in advance.!

  • Jagan Reddy

    Good initiative sir..please start asap…thank u

  • we are waiting sir

  • sreeja

    we are waiting for it sir…all the best

    • Go for it.

    • Nikki

      Eagerly looking forward to this new initiative.. Please go ahead!!

  • Arun

    Go for it

  • M2k

    Good one started …. Go Go Go …

  • bodhisatva

    Great news..thank you for these initiatives

  • Karan

    That will be very helpful.

    • Karan, Kindly check this :-

      the details and questions are posted and you may submit your answers by sunday evening.