30 NOV 2015 (Iceman Of India, Diabetics,National Gas Grid,eBird, Bharat Stage)

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1)Ice Man of India and Artificial Glacier :- Chewang Norphel is an Indian civil engineer from Ladakh, who has built 12 artificial glaciers.He has earned the nickname Ice Man. Ladakh is known for its receding glaciers and the people in the region face hardships [...]

28 NOV 2015_IMO-SOLAS-BALLAST ; Flying Bullet and Sabre Slayers;LRSAM;Blue Water navy;SalTol Jyothi

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1)India re-elected as Member of International Maritime Council for coming two years (2016-17) :- India has been re-elected unopposed to the Council of the International Maritime Organization. India has been one of the earliest members of the IMO, having ratified its Convention and [...]

Environment Watch- e-WASTE !!!

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E-Waste Structure:- Introduction What is e-Waste Composition of e-waste E-waste in India Domestic International India as a major dumping backyard Impacts of e-waste E-waste management Introduction:- In the 20th Century, the information and communication revolution has brought enormous changes in the way we organize our lives, our economies, industries and institutions. [...]

26 NOV 2015 _Rupee Bond,Jan Aushadhi, Operation Flood & Verghese Kurien,SEBI

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1)India to sell rupee bonds:- The Union Government has decided to launch Rupee Bonds “in some countries” to provide long term finance for infrastructure development in the country. This will be in addition to the setting up National Investment and Infrastructure Fund and launching [...]

25 NOV 2015_Gender Ratio Irony,Human Cost of Weather Realted Disaster-UN,IFFI

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1)Gender Ratio and the irony :- Even given the small genetic and biological advantage that boys enjoy, meaning that a slightly larger number of boys than girls are naturally born, there is an implication of pre-natal sex selection which is leading to more boys being [...]

ARC – Citizen Centric Administration (Good Governance)

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“Man’s capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but man’s inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary” – Reinhold Niebuhr 1)The Concept of Citizen Centric Administration:- The concept of good governance is not new. Kautilya in his treatise Arthashastra elaborated the traits of the king of a well governed State [...]

23 NOV 2015 _Zero TB Cities Project,Graphene,East Asia Summit,Teju,Public health Infra

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1) Zero TB Cities project:- Chennai has been chosen as one of two cities in the world where the Zero TB Cities project will try to create an “island of elimination”; Lima in Peru is the other city. The project will be implemented by [...]

GS I initiative

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Dear friends, Hope you have finished answering the GS I initiative. If so,please post your answers. Details http://upsctree.com/2015/11/19/questions-gs-i-section-i/   Thank you Upsctree team      

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