One-on-One session with our UPSC topper- Ashutosh Sahu at Bhubaneswar

Details of his Rank and Interview transcript -Click Here


List of Toppers from UPSCTREE :-

  1. Saumya Pandey – Rank 4 (Her UPSCTREE essay test series answer scripts are with us, you can check them at our center)

  2. Ashutosh Sahu-Rank 370 (Part of our core students group and is available to meet you at Bhubaneswar)

  3. Bambam Yadav – Rank 949 (Part of our Essay Test series)

OPEN Session on Essay and GS Strategy Discussion @ Bhubaneswar Center on 26th FEB 2017 (Sunday) – ALL DAY SESSION

#Come and Learn the art of writing a good answer
#Make study groups and co-learn, our center is open for you at all times.
#Get a chance to see and learn from the best answer copies written by UPSC aspirants across India
#Meet the faculty member from UPSCTREE Team and get your doubts clarified
#Your effort should transform to a RANK and we know exactly how to guide you on that.
#There is no point in reading a 1000 page book when you have to write your answer in just 200-300 words. What to write and what not to write is the key to good answer.
#Irrespective of your knowledge, if you can not write what you know, you are out of the race- it is that simple. So don’t hesitate to write.
#Learn or read from anywhere you want, but do test your knowledge with us.

Registration Starts from 07-Feb-2017.(BHUBANESWAR)

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in collaboration with

IAS SOUL has partnered with the esteemed pan India civil service preparation organization UPSCTREE to provide the best-in class preparation experience and expertise for civil service aspirants.
The partnership agreement is rather simple. UPSCTREE and their next-to-none student portal IASTREE have provided their  digital infrastructure for the benefit of IASSOUL students.

IASSOUL Students will get:-

  1. Daily current affairs with exclusive analysis done by UPSCTREE
  2. Monthly magazines by UPSCTREE
  3. The best editorials and material created by UPSCTREE for UPSC exams
  4. Log-in credentials to IASTREE student portal
  5. UPSCTREE core member will manage everything related to UPSC preparation
  6. IASSOUL core members will manage everything related to OPSC preparation

Benefits for UPSCTREE Students:-

  1. UPSCTREE student from Odisha can take offline exams at the IASSOUL center in Bhubaneswar

Contact US

Plot No – 45, Prananatha Marg, Unit-3, Kharavela Nagar(Near Sriya Square, Opposite to City Life Mall), Bhubaneswar – 751001, Odisha
Contact Number – 98 73 93 79 90  ||  986 1430 986
 If you are in Bhubaneswar, don’t hesitate to visit us and get your queries clarified with our faculty members.