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Exclusive Analysis – UCC and Shah Bano Case & Right to Privacy !!!


This is an UPSCTREE exclusive write up where we have tried to create and give you something that really can help you in your preparation. We have gone through various reports and books , tried to comprehend the best possible way and give you the NECTAR.   Polity-Uniform Civil Code, Shah Bano and Danial Latifi (Landmark Judgments-Part 3) !!! Right to Privacy – An UPSCTREE Analysis !!!   Thank You UPSCTREE

Exclusive Analysis – UCC and Shah Bano Case & Right to Privacy !!!2017-08-12T14:13:11+05:30

Polity-Securing the Food Security !!!


The National Food Security Act, 2013, has met with prolonged political indifference, but there is some hope now since the Centre has been asked by the Supreme Court to ensure that States implement key aspects of the progressive law. […]

Polity-Securing the Food Security !!!2017-08-09T14:16:46+05:30

Polity-On SC rules against illegal mining !!!


In ordering that lease-holders should pay compensation to the extent of 100% of the price of the quantum of minerals they had illegally extracted, the Supreme Court has gone beyond a mere affirmation of the ‘polluter pays’ principle. […]

Polity-On SC rules against illegal mining !!!2017-08-05T22:59:11+05:30

Polity-Land Mark Judgements-Part 2 !!!


Content:- Maneka Gandhi v. Union of India (1978)-Beginning of a golden era of human rights jurisprudence in India. Article 21 and the Due Process of Law. Gopalan Vs State of Madras ; Satwant Singh and his Passport. Maneka Gandhi's Passport, Surya and a Scandal. Breathing Life into Article 21 Small Case, Large Judgement. Satwant Singh vis-a-vis Maneka Gandhi and the Due Process of Law. The importance of going Abroad. The Lasting Impact of Maneka Gandhi - The Inflextion Point Click Here to Read Thank You UPSCTRE

Polity-Land Mark Judgements-Part 2 !!!2017-07-24T08:03:03+05:30

Polity – Rethinking regulators and regulatory Acts !!!


Background :-  The digital era is marked by its potentials and disruptions. The new children on the block such as Artificial Intelligence , nano-technology, 3d printing are still beyond the reach of our imagination. In this ever changing and ever evolving era, it is only natural that the rule books had to be taken a deeper revisit and restructuring. And it is more so true for regulators and regulations. For starters, it is a good idea because we should not be  left with “Analog” regulators in this “digital” age. […]

Polity – Rethinking regulators and regulatory Acts !!!2017-07-14T03:20:13+05:30

Polity-Landmark Judgements-Part 1 !!!


Note-Given that polity has again taken center stage of the exam (Prelims 2017) and to help the students with respect to tackle off-beat questions like Coelho case etc, we have diversified and creating materials which will help take your polity score to the next level. Here is what is being worked out, this material will be exclusive to MAINS students although few articles will be open for everyone. We are investing a great deal of our time and effort to make this year's Mains an extraordinary event. This is part 1 of 10 part series:- Click Here   Thank You UPSCTREE [...]

Polity-Landmark Judgements-Part 1 !!!2017-07-11T16:15:54+05:30

The UPSCTREE Nector !!!


Dear All, We know that our editorials have been very helpful in your preparation and have played an important part in helping you get a better perspective and at times secure a rank (Saumy-4, Ashutosh-370, Bambam-949). Hundred of mails and comments are testimony to it. Here are few must reads if you have not read them yet. Please note that this editorials are researched and written by us (so exclusive to UPSCTREE). We will publish few of this on certain dates going forward and urge you to go through them. Also if you are unclear of any topic, do write to [...]

The UPSCTREE Nector !!!2017-07-02T16:48:39+05:30

Polity-Beacons curb: Red, blue, ordinary


In a most welcome move, the Union Cabinet has decided to disallow the use of the red beacon on vehicles on India’s roads. Starting May 1, only vehicles on emergency services, such as ambulances, fire trucks and police cars, will be permitted the use of a beacon — from now, a blue-coloured one. […]

Polity-Beacons curb: Red, blue, ordinary2017-04-23T23:01:23+05:30