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EcoEconomics-Economics in Environmental Sustainability.


The Brundtland Commission in its report titled Our Common Future in 1987 defined the concept of sustainable development as development addressed towards the needs of the future as well as towards the needs of the present policy architecture. […]

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Geonomics-Island Development !!!


The 1382 offshore-identified islands of India hold immense unexploited potential for fostering growth and achieving cohesive socio-economic development of the region in particular and also, the nation as a whole. They can significantly contribute to the GDP by leveraging the gains from promoting infrastructure and tourism on a large scale. […]

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Polity – 100th year of the Montagu-Chelmsford Reform!!!


This month marks the 100th year of the publication of the ‘Report on Indian constitutional reforms’, commonly known as the Montagu-Chelmsford Report (MCR). Edwin Montagu, then Secretary of State for India, had advocated for increased participation of Indians in the British Indian administration and had begun consultations nearly a year earlier. After many meetings with Indian representatives, Montagu and the then Governor-General, Lord Chelmsford, published the MCR on July 8, 1918. […]

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Environment-Biodiversity-Conservation and Threats !!!


Thomas Lovejoy in 1980 coined the term ‘Biological Diversity’ which was later modified by E. O. Wilson in 1986 who coined the term ‘Biodiversity’ in his report for the first American Forum on Biological Diversity. As a term intimately related to environmental and wildlife conservation, although the popularity of the term has increased dramatically since then in the West, especially in the scientific community in the West as well as globally, biodiversity as conservation is still not an everyday term in India, like words like pollution and evolution are. […]

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Policy-NITI AAYOG and Nutrition !!!


The NITI Aayog published nutrition charts on 17 January this year. As India recognises nutrition as a national issue and gears up for the National Nutrition Mission (NNM), publishing such data helps a wide variety of persons associated with the healthcare and nutrition ecosystem in our country to get into action mode and aid in the implementation of the mission. The Global Nutrition Report 2015 estimates that investment in nutrition has a cost-benefit ratio of 1:16 for 40 low- and middle-income countries. Moreover, such an investment is recognised globally as both a critical development imperative and a pathway for the fulfillment of human [...]

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Society-Does India Require Counter Urbanization ?


Urbanization is one of the most common global phenomena in the world, and is said to occur in many phases. In the overwhelming majority of cases, urban lifestyles and infrastructure has spread to encompass most human settlements. […]

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Society-Forest Dwellers and their rights !!!


In February 2002, the Supreme Court of India passed an order prohibiting state governments and also tribals and other traditional forest dwellers from removing dead, dying trees and grasses and trees felled by winds. […]

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Geography-Prominent Mountain Passes in India !!!


The formation of mountain passes between mountain peaks might occur during the formation of the mountain range or they may be formed due to the action of glaciers, running water, or with the help of precipitation in the form of rain or snow. While a mountain pass through a ridge can be as narrow as 20 feet, in a large mountain range can occur in the form of a large valley. Semo La in the Tibetan Plateau is the highest confirmed mountain pass in the world with an elevation of about 18,258 feet (World Landforms, 2015). […]

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