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Ethics-The PRIVACY Debate !!!


The question of privacy arises most notably with the Aristotelian distinction between the public sphere of governance and its separation from the private sphere of individuals concerning domestic life and family. Other than in philosophical discussions, the concept has a wide range of interpretation in many cultures. […]

Ethics-The PRIVACY Debate !!!2017-09-04T19:28:56+05:30

E10 – Essay Test Live Now !!!


Dear All, This bring to our last leg of essay test series for 2017. The focus will be shifted towards Mains test series. All the submitted essays are being reviewed now , if you have submitted - you will soon be getting the reviews. Not to mention, we have encountered so many good essays this year, it makes all our efforts seem painless. Thank you all to those we have shown trust in us - we are forever in your debt. Nothing makes us more happy than to review a good essay - that's our incentive - our bread and butter. [...]

E10 – Essay Test Live Now !!!2017-09-04T19:25:55+05:30