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Ethics-Ethics in Public Service – Part 1 !!!


Ethics: A Look at the Basics What Are “Ethics”? Revisiting the Basics Morals, Values, and Ethics Ethical Subdivisions Normative Ethics Virtue Ethics Deontology Consequentialism Descriptive Ethics Meta-Ethics Differentiating Ethics and Morals from Law What Ethics Involves Accountability, Integrity, Responsibility Causal and Moral Responsibility Conclusion Click here to read Thank You UPSCTREE

Ethics-Ethics in Public Service – Part 1 !!!2017-08-19T14:06:59+05:30

Project Lime light-UN-Food !!!


Introduction:- The world needs to produce at least 50% more food to feed 9 billion people by 2050. But climate change could cut crop yields by more than 25%. […]

Project Lime light-UN-Food !!!2017-08-19T12:32:23+05:30

UTM04-Polity Test Live Now !!!


Dear Students, Please note that mains test UTM04 is already live in student portal. The questions are as follows-   Discuss the emergence of “Second generation rights” in India’s jurisprudence with a special reference to Olga Tellis case. Give some examples of “Second generation rights” and their importance in a democracy. […]

UTM04-Polity Test Live Now !!!2017-08-19T00:40:18+05:30