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Environment-The age of Anthropocene !!!


Upcoming geological periods With climate change ruling the environment discourse, the sudden warming of the Earth in contemporary times prompted an official expert group to present a recommendation to the International Geological Congress to declare the geological period beginning since 1950 as the Anthropocene epoch. Since 2009, the Working Group on the Anthropocene (WHA) has been working to set up a working model for the Anthropocene Epoch. The epoch would be said to mark the impact of modern civilization on the climate and environment of the Earth involving humankind’s impact on global climate. […]

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Geography-Wind Types !!!


Background- On May 30 2017, a severe cyclonic storm ‘Mora’ crossed the Bangladesh coast in the forenoon, with a peak surface wind speed of 130 kmph (IMD, 2017). The cyclone claimed 9 lives in Bangladesh along with massive damage to property. […]

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Urban Landscape-Designing an Universal City !!!


A universal city is marked by its inclusivity, i.e. a city that manages to include the participation of all individuals that contribute towards the city. This inclusion involves incorporating features that ensure inclusivity for all through establishing the frameworks of universal design (NYU, 2017) that can include architectural features, facilitation services, etc that aim to streamline the usufructuary experience in a universal city by offering design principles for formulating the layouts for a city. […]

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Geography-Patterns of World Trade in Natural Resources !!!


World trade is the exchange of goods and services and capital across international borders based on the principles of markets, where price acts as the primary regulatory mechanism. The patterns of world trade are shaped by the forces of demand and supply of goods and services and capital along with the pricing mechanism of markets whereby demand, supply and prices co-determine each other. […]

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